August 11, 2017

Traffic Building Strategy

Traffic Building Services to Improve Sales & Leads of E-commerce Business

Traffic Building ToolsBesides PPC an Internet Marketing, Big Data Management, etc. we also work in areas like search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing, digital marketing, etc. to help you build long term and meaningful relationship with clients by creating diverse avenues for them where they can engage with your brand.

We offer services in PPC (Google Ad Words & Bing Ads); Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Email Marketing, Content Marketing, PR, and more.

SEO: We keep a watch on signals that trigger search engine rankings, like links, social media engagement, online press releases etc. to improve website content & its structure. Our content is 100% in sync with your online & off-site campaigns so that all the messages on website are in synergy with the broader marketing strategy. Our team is at the service of clients who don’t have a broader strategy yet.

Local SEO: Whether you run a local business and need local traffic, talk to us. We create SEO strategies tailored to your specific location and bring your website to the top of local listings; not only on desktops but also on mobile phones and tablets. Our technical teams ensure that SEO search strategies customized to specific location send relevant local signals and draws local traffic. Our SEO strategies are focused on building stronger customer base and provide organic growth.

Social Media Optimization: We help organizations of all sizes to manage and synergize their social media channels. We offer to manage complete online marketing comprising strategy-implementation-campaign-Monitoring & Response or Periodic Consultancy, based on clients’ preference.

Email Marketing: For clients looking for low cost effective marketing channel to acquire new clients and keep in touch with old clients, we offer email marketing service. Many of our clients have highly benefitted from this digital campaign. We can create a campaign and hand it over to you OR can manage the entire campaign for you that include sending emails on your behalf to target audience; followed by monitoring and submitting report of the campaign to decide future action plan.

CRO(Conversion Rate Optimization): CRO is about improving `visitor-to-buyer’ conversion by making small changes on your website. In this option you don’t have to re-build the entire site.  Our team studies poorly performing website to identify its flaws, low hanging fruits, and hidden opportunities based on which it recommends small changes like replacing an image, headline, part of the web copy; or larger, more radical redesigning of entire landing page. Many of our CRO projects have delivered excellent results, doubling conversions for clients. CRO also improves visibility of website.

Facebook Marketing: Our Social Media Marketing team creates compelling and engaging content in model relevant to your business segment. We help you build contacts and engage in conversation with clients to increase your reach amid new &existing online audience.

ORM (Online Reputation Management) Service: We help to identify, analyze, and resolve any  negative material like reviews and feed backs about your organization using effective tools and methods to clean your name in search engines, and help you restore old glory to stabilize your business.