September 4, 2017


What is SEO?

SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. It is a science & an art to promote your business on online.

About Our SEO Training Program:

  • Training program is conducted in a classroom environment where theory as well as practical training is imparted.
  • It’s a part time course
  • Modules have been worked out with an eye of employability factor
  • Individuals enrolling into the program are trained byexperts who accomplishednew success everyday with clients on an international platform.
  • This course is a complete package. Participants will be given training; real-time on-job-experience and a Premium Subscription Card that will make you eligible to interact with us for next 18 months free of cost at a mutually convenient time.
  • On successful completion of the training you have the same platform and an equal chance to grow and prove yourself, as the next or the most accomplished guy

Eligibility Criteria (Who can enroll into the program):

  • Anyone can enroll into this program without worrying about age, gender, education, skills, experience etc. The course covers everything from primary-to- advanced modules.
  • All you need is an attitude & focus to learn and explore something new.
  • The course is designed to make you future-ready and open many new avenues to make a living

Benefits of Learning SEO:

  • Since it’s a part time course you can do it with your job.
  • Once you’re SEO trained, you can develop & implement SEO on site, blog, e-Store etc.
  • You can work on your own site/blog/e-store; find employment with web development companies; or even practice as a freelance SEO, depending on yourself.
  • If you’ve been sincere and focused while undergoing the training, your employment prospects are very bright. To begin with we can absorb you, or else we can put you in touch with the right employers…